Voices is open to high school students and adult leaders who want to explore their Faith in fun and unique ways. The variety of events and activities we do help people to develop and strengthen what we call our Faith Journey, while nurturing and growing each individual’s gifts and talents. This is achieved by offering programs and activities that give participants a plethora of ways to experience their Faith, while also providing a balanced approach to the many ways we can see God working in our every day lives. Taking hold of your Faith begins when you make the commitment to want to strengthen it, and more importantly, nurture your relationship with Christ. Voices is about each individual taking responsibility for where they want their Faith relationship to go. VOICES is ultimately a choice of your free will, with no one forcing you to attend. This makes for an incredibly dynamic group because it is up to you to choose and decide what activities you would like to participate in. The way we look at it, we help to provide the vehicle that takes us on our incredible journeys, but it is God who is our captain and pilot. Our program is broken into the following four categories with examples of some of the events we do. SOCIALS - Opportunities to have fun, relax and meet new people while learning about what makes each of us special and unique. Weekly Drop-In Day & Open Gym, Hayrides, Dances, Lock-Ins, Ski Trips, Bingo, Roller Skating. SERVICE - Opportunities to reach out to our immediate community and around the world as we give of service to those less fortunate. Community House Painting Projects, Church Fundraisers, Retirement Home Visits, Food Drives, Ministers of the Eucharistic, Peer Ministry. FAITH - Opportunities to strengthen and explore our Faith Journey and Catholic identities through the Bible and Scripture. Scripture Study, Teen Mass, Youth Rallies, Teen Choir, National Catholic Youth Celebrations. DISCUSSION - Opportunities to explore and discuss current themes and topics while tying the messages God gives us each day into our lives. Discussion & Topic Nights, Guest Speakers, Weekend Retreats.


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